Ziirto Ltd.
Professional of more efficient logistics.

We have noticed that not enough is being done to streamline logistics, especially in companies whose core business is manufacturing or wholesaling products. Companies that do not develop their logistics will lose their position. We create practical and straightforward solutions.

How do you develop your logistics?

We help our customers to intensify productions & logistics with concrete actions together with the company's own staff. Our projects always start with a survey and end up to putting actions into practice.

We achieve an average efficiency improvement of 26%.
For sure.


100% satisfaction quarantee

We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the work we do. If we cannot add value to the work we do, then you do not have to pay for it.

Our customers recommend us 5/5

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Our development project with Ziirto was very straight forward and professional.

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Kalle Karvanen

Logistics Director, Valmet Automotive EV Power Oy

My previous experience with consultants has not always been so good, so there was a slight skepticism in the air before the project. However, Ziirto exceeded my expectations - Ziirto is not a logistics consultant, but a logistics professional.

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Kari Meltovaara

Toimitusjohtaja, Leipomo Rosten Oy

I recommend the Ziirto development project to anyone who wants to improve their logistics and who wants to increase the efficiency of their inventory.

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Jarmo Juusola

Shipping and Warehouse Manager, Suunto

Work Study 360®

Mapping, analysis and development of logistics processes.

Ziirto as a Service

A fresh perspective on logistics issues and development.

Planning service

Logistics and production planning services.