Work Study 360® development services
Analysis & development of logistics processes

We have developed the Work Study 360® method for the analysis of logistics processes, with which we provide the customer with an average of 26% efficiency in operations. Work Study 360® opens up the details of operations and quickly finds concrete solutions for efficient, ecological and smooth logistics.

Ziirto is not a logistics consultant but a logistics professional. Time to make the best Ziirto-move of your business?

Work Study 360® survey (1 day)
1.200 €

External view and assessment of the current state of logistics. It strengthens the company’s own understanding or challenges its development.

Work Study 360® current status (5-10 days)
starting from 6.000 €

Logistics and production bottleneck analysis, ABC analysis and accurate information on working hours of production or logistics processes.

Work Study 360® development (10-15 days) – starting from 12.000 €

Accurate information about the working hours, methods and development of production or logistics processes to make them even more efficient. As a result of the development project, we will produce short- and long-term concrete measures. If necessary, we produce repayment calculations to support possible investment decisions.

Work Study 360® development service includes always:

ZaaS - Ziirto as a Service

When a company’s own development resources are not enough, call in Ziirto’s development engineer for the time needed to bring a fresh perspective on problem solving and support growth.

This service brings you all of Ziirto's professionalism and development expertise. The ZaaS development engineer has access to the professional expertize of the Ziirto team and the experience of previous projects.

Logistics and production planning

Are you expanding existing logistics or production or perhaps building a completely new one? At Ziirto, we are a completely independent partner to produce the best possible solutions for your specific needs.

Our expertise includes warehouse and production layout planning with CAD software, material flow calculations, automation possibilities and resolving resource needs.

Logistics development services

ZIIRTO was established out of the need to streamline and develop logistics operations. We have a unique research method that identifies the potential for increasing efficiency and environmental friendliness in customers' daily processes.

ZIIRTO is a specialist in logistics and production development. Our special expertise is implementing various process and method development projects, production and warehouse simulation and design.Digitalisation, automation and robotics are routine for us. Our development engineers have experience in very demanding design, development and implementation projects for our customers.

We open your eyes to see new opportunities and do things in a new way. We research, develop and improve. We accelerate your production, inventory and logistics to new productivity and accelerate the entire supply chain.


100% satisfaction quarantee

We are proud of what we do and believe in it so much that we give our work a satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is have customers that are happier tomorrow than what they are today.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee to all work we do.

If we are not able to produce more value than what we do for you, you do not have to pay us anything.

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