Short-term development planning
Processes in a controlled manner - and adds value immediately

A development plan for the company's operations brings more efficiency and productivity in just a month.

Based on the survey, we make a proposal for the development of processes and methods. The task analysis has provided an accurate picture of how resources are currently being used. Staff gain a better understanding of the different processes and identify the importance of their own role and job description as part of the process. In this way, the utilization of resources becomes more efficient immediately. The measures do not require investment, but increase efficiency.

For example, all packaging processes, shelving, collection and loading can be the subject of short-term development in a warehouse and dispatch center. By developing processes, operations become more efficient quickly and time savings are generated, which enables additional volume and growth.

We find out the most efficient process models

Work instructions for the various stages of the processes are reported and communicated to staff in a way that is easy for them to adopt. Videos and written instructions are often helpful here. The operations thus develop in a consistent manner in a new direction and the induction of new persons proceeds seamlessly and quickly.

Concrete added value that shows up quickly:

  • The turnaround time for various functions is shortened
  • You will achieve more with current resources
  • Enables planned growth
  • Harmonizes operations and speeds up orientation

Examples of reporting

Stock positioning according to ABC analysisShelving– 11,6 % working time
Time savings: 5,7h / month
Stock positioning according to ABC analysisCollecting– 8,6 % working time
time savings: 52,3h / month
Packaging of 2 orders simultaneouslyOnline ordersTime savings: 7,8h / month
Volume addition: 639 pcs / month
Enlargement of the folding of the return envelope by 1mmOnline ordersSecond per return envelope
Saved working time: 1,56h / month
Additional volume: 128 orders / month
Sales email automation from SAPManual orders– 1,76 % working time
Time savings: 2,41h / month
Additional volumes: 9,6 orders / month
Relocation of extra packaging items (return envelopes, gift wrapping)All packaging processesSecond / order
Time savings: 3,1h / month
Additional volumes: 254 online orders/ month
Computer updatesAll packaging processesSecond / order
Time savings: 3,1h / month
Additional volumes: 254 online orders / month
Shipping pocketEU order process– 4,6 % working time
Time savings: 5,2h / month
Additioanal volumes: 75,5 EU orders/ month
Pallets / shipments in the loading area waiting to be picked up for several days. Should consider charging customer for storage.Loading / Loading area
Manual deliveries
Slowing down the loading process. As a development proposal, invoicing the customer for the storage of finished shipments.
TotalTime savings in all the processes in total:
Hours: 81,17 h/month
Euros: 2841€
Additional volumes in online orders: 6641 orders / month
TargetCurrent stateAfter developmentChange
Layout33,6 shelf-meters60 shelf-meters+44% more shelf-meters
Reception process169,9 seconds / receptionrows120,3 seconds / receptionrows-29,2 % time savings in the process
Reception by a wrong door25 minutes / receptionNo receptions allowed by a wrong door-25 minutes / reception
Reception, resourcing0,27 persons / day0,19 persons / day-29,2 % less resources needed
Warehousing in production20-25 palletsAbout 5 pallets-75% less pallets in production
Reception - working times within the process
Part of the processWorking time before developmentWorking time after development
Reception and inspection608 seconds / reception554 seconds / reception
Transportation of pallets within different areas73 seconds / reception73 seconds / reception
Shelving1138 seconds / reception910 seconds / reception
Display unit work712 seconds / reception259 seconds / reception
Creation a purchase order (no order in place in the production control system)16 seconds / reception6 seconds / reception
Sum2547 seconds / average reception1802 seconds / average reception

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