We are Ziirto.

Ecology and productivity have been at opposite extremes for too long. Future solutions must take care of both ecology and business continuity through results-making. Logistics produce about 7% of the world's CO² emissions, and the pace will not slow down with current solutions.

Ziirto was born out of the need to streamline and develop logistics operations. We have a unique research package at our disposal to identify the potential for increasing efficiency and environmental friendliness in the customer’s daily processes.

You can be confident that the Ziirto recommendation is the best solution for the environment and productivity.

Tommi Mustakorpi
Sales manager

Tommi Mustakorpi • Customer Relationship Management
Sales manager

Tommi approaches logistics above the needs of customers, from the perspective of improving and streamlining processes. With his strong experience of more than 15 years in technical trade ERP and software sales both at home land and abroad, a good whole is achieved and the best solutions are always found for the customer.
The project manager's responsibilities in even larger software projects have also created strong expertise in the development of the entire company's operations, which is sure to find bottlenecks and things that require development together. In addition to sales and project activities, Tommi's area of expertise is marketing and communications.


Jussi Huhtanen
Business director, partner

Jussi Huhtanen • Customer Relationship Management
Business director, partner

Jussi approaches logistics development from the entire supply chain point of view. He has more than 15 years of experience in technical wholesale both in Finland and internationally, providing excellent capabilities to produce only the best for our customers.

In order to achieve the most efficient and environmentally friendly logistics chain, it is necessary to include the entire supply chain in the development process.

Jussi also has strong experience in cooperating with suppliers all the way to the end customer. In addition to the supply chain, business management, sales and marketing are also Jussi's expertise.


Mika Eskola
CEO, partner

Mika Eskola • Customer Relationship Management
CEO, partner

Mika approaches logistics operations from the HR and people management perspective. Customers may utilize his more than 15 years of experience in managing the business operations of Opteam Group Ltd, one of Finland's largest personnel services companies, as both an entrepreneur and CEO.

Experience helps the customer to build an efficient and effective organization from the perspective of human resources. It is either the organization's current organization, whose performance needs to be improved, or the recruitment of human resources from Finland or the international labor market.


Toni Salminen
Development engineer, partner

Toni Salminen • Develpment projects
Development engineer, partner

Toni approaches logistics operations from the perspective of a researcher and a developer. Years of experience in the industry and extensive outsourcing, automation and process development ensure that well-managed logistics is a competitive advantage for our customers.

Job research certification has further deepened our expertise and over the years, and best practices from lean have been added into our toolkit, too. Toni moves agilely between strategic consulting and concrete process development.


Matti Pitkäranta
Development engineer, partner

Matti Pitkäranta • Development projects
Development engineer, partner

Matti develops business productivity and profitability especially by researching production processes and increasing understanding. Information management and effective development begin with the utilization of measurable data and the perception of the whole, which is based on e.g. lean philosophy.

At the heart of Mati's work is respect for the professionals in the work being researched - listening to and involving them ensures the right direction and ultimately the success of the development project. Experience in production design, diverse development engineering assignments and packaging design ensures that the development of the customer’s logistics and processes is comprehensive and professional from start to finish.


Ville Mertanen
Development engineer

Ville Mertanen • Development projects
Development engineer

Ville sees logistics and business development from the perspective of both measurable data and understanding operations. Experiences in logistics from three different decades have created tools that have worked in the past, can be studied and implemented today, and can create future developments for customers.

The main focus of Ville's work is the customer experience - a good project starts with a good experience. By listening to the professionals, we can decide which direction the project will be taken and what kind of tools are needed for the project. Experiences in work research, logistics development and Lean six sigma-philosophy create a good foundation for projects.



Harri Hirvonen

Harri Hirvonen • Management

Harri approaches logistics operations from the perspective of improving the company's strategy and long-term operating conditions. More than 20 years of experience in managing the business development, finance and administration of companies is helping to ensure the effectiveness of our service in improving these operating conditions.

The planned, consistent and practical improvement of all logistics and business processes has a significant impact on the company's profitability and financial position.